We can remove and repair any broken bleed nipple, replace with new and pressure test your caliper for as little as £25.0

Larger 6-8 pot calipers as little as £60.0

NEXT DAY SERVICE AND DELIVERY anywhere in Nottingham and surrounding areas

If you are trying to do this at home

chances are that you're on to a loser!

Let our engineer deal with this bad-boy.

This is our new design of self-sealing bleed nipples, once fitted all you need is one full turn to unscrew the bleed nipple and it will take care of the bleeding process.

It works like this:

once pressure is applied to the brake pedal the nipple will open to expel any air in the brake line.

Once you remove the pressure off the brake pedal the bleed nipple instantly close sealing itself, stopping air or oil from re-entering the system. 

Our most popular sizes

M6 x 1

M7 x 1

M8 x 1.25

M10 x 1

M12 x 1.25

M12 X 1.5

Sold in pack of 5

Call for your quote

Mobile: 07707 460360

Carriers suffer from two major problems Sheared Bolts and seized Guide Pins, with the right equipment both problems have a easy fix

Sheared Bolts are removed and if necessary threads are repaired

Seized Guide pins, bores are reamed and polished and new guide pins fitted.



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